3D Art Skills
- Fusion 360 (4 years, including 2 years full-time):  rapid hard-surface modeling and 3D print prep
- Blender/Maya (6 years, including sporadic full-time): quad mesh modeling
- Unreal UE4 (2 years): pre-visualization and procedural asset population via Blueprints
- Nomad/Z-Brush (1 year): basic sculpting
Fabrication Skills
- 3D printing (3 years, including 2 years full-time): SLA (Formlabs), FDM, & MSLA
- Carpentry, foam carving/coating (3 years full-time): stop motion sets and props
- Prop molding/casting, painting (sporadic)
- Photoshop/Illustrator (12 years, including sporadic full time): Graphic design, in-world asset design, illustration
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